Week 8 — Artist — Joseph DeLappe & Micol Hebron

Maria Torres
3 min readOct 19, 2020

Micol Hebron is an activist in Los Angeles and is a professor who teaches studio art at Chapman University. She is very involved in the art environment, she hosts many fundraisers in Utah as well as an international feminist video art festival. This goes to show she has a lot of experience in the art community and her work explores the idea of feminist views. Her work explored many feministic views that correlate to current real world issues among women in today’s society. She voices her opinions through her work and I was amazed by the format in which she presented her ideas about feminism. I related to this artist the most because I love to see women supporting other women instead of tearing one another down. Another inter media artist is Joseph DeLappe, a 57 year old American artist. Joseph DeLappe attended San Jose State University, his work explores digital media, interactive media and unusual sculptures that consist out of cardboard. He is a Professor of Games and Tactile Media at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland. Some of his pieces include shopping for random items on ebay and even making a sculpture completely out of cardboard such as a 17’ foot tall sculpture of MGhandi. Many of DeLappe’s art pieces are presented through gaming and digital media, he likes to livestream on youtube, and even includes ideas of politics such as his sculpture of the lady of liberty crying, the idea explored was injustice.

Micol Hebrons work uses many colors. It has smooth curvy lines and the shape of a woman’s body similar to the work of Bobbi Bosson. Her work explores the ideas of feministic views and gender gaps. I also noticed a mixture of bright colors and textured materials to create her work. She used crystals and a shag carpet to create a realistic vagina as well as another similar piece where she utilized glass with a smooth texture both very similar but with different materials. The one with crystals and a rug explores different textures while the one sculpted out of glass portrays a smooth texture. She uses a variety of small and larger pieces while Joseph DeLappe creates much larger pieces. His work is more of a dull and jagged texture. His work has very neat and straight lines but is dull in color. DeLappe’s work tends to be much larger than Micol Hebron and explores the ideas of politics much different from her feministic views.

Joseph DeLappe’s work explores political views for example his piece about the statue of liberty in distress and his sculpture on MGhandi Chaktrabark. He utilizes gaming platforms as well as digital media to express his ideas of political criticism because he feels it is the most ignored platform by artists. His ideas are more political and reside on a digital platform. Micol Hebron explores the ideas of the female body as well as reproductive organs to illuminate feminism. In my opinion she explores different perspectives on the female body, how we see ourselves and how society sees us and uses images on the male nipple to create a contrast. Another piece she created was 3 ladders painted in nude colors ranging from white to brown, her pieces are very simplistic but express important ideas that can relate to current world situations on feminism as well as a sense of place, a topic we have recently discussed in my class Art 110.

Both artists resonated with me because both artists are very different and explore unique ideas but still connect to the real world. I enjoyed learning about Joseph DeLappe because he used cardboard to create his sculptures, a technique I would’ve never personally thought of to make art. It was very interesting to learn about unique media that can be utilized to create art. Lastly I enjoyed learning about Micol Hebron because of the feministic views she explored in her work. I love to see energy being put to uplift other women rather than tearing each other down.